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Shave me for Pudsey


Some of you know that I have been getting a bit beardy over the last few months so it’s time to tidy myself up.  But before I do that it’s time to make a mess of my head for charity first.

I thought about doing Movember again but the rules state that you have to shave on the first of the month which seemed a shame to shave it all off just to grow it again.  So, I figure I’ll charge people money to attack my hair in whatever way they want.  I have been attacked with a razor before and I usually end up looking very strange although my hair has never been this long to begin with.

As I don’t work in an office any more I thought I would take over Thames Valley Social Media Cafe at the Alto Lounge on the 18th Nov 2010 and as this is a day before Children In Need it’s only right to support Pudsey, a great cause.  If you can’t make it then I’m sure there will be lots of pictures after the event.

The rules (not set in stone)

  • A donation allows you to attack my beard.
  • The size of the donation is proportional to how long you get with the clippers.
  • If you can’t be there then someone else will do it on your behalf.
  • If over £100 is raised then the hair on my head is on offer!
  • No shaving of eyebrows (sorry).
  • I will keep the final look for the rest of the day.
  • I do have a business meeting on Monday though!
  • Feel free to bring hair colours or clips etc
  • If anyone else has any hair trimmers as I’m not sure mine will cope!

Have I missed anything?  So please sponsor me and lets raise some money for a great cause.

Update: 18 Nov 2010

It’s now done and thanks to all of you I have raised a stonking amount for Children In Need. Currently £222.61 with a couple more donations promised.  Thank you all.  I’ll leave you will a little video and some pictures from today 🙂

dogsbodyorg-childreninneed 1

Revolving head

I had this idea ages ago, I have absolutely no idea where it came from but I suddenly realised that instead of the normal picture of me I should do something special. Then I came up with the idea of a rotating head!! Tell me if you like it, I think its rather cool, it certainly took me long enough to do!

For those of you sad enough to want to know how I did it. The effect was done by me repositioning my PC camera to in front of my window, there is plenty of light there and also a lot more room. I then positioned myself on my swivel chair and tried to line my head and back up on the central spindle of the chair (This is a lot harder than you think). I captured a 30 second avi file of me spinning around and around. I then edited the file to pick the best 360 degrees and to try and line up my head position in the start frame with the end frame. Paint Shop Pro v5 has this great utility for converting avi files into animated gifs, then with a bit of trimming and editing of the timing, the file was created!!! Easy as that!!!