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Santa Skate 2006

This weekend saw the 2006 Santa Skate and WOW!  If I wasn’t feeling full of Christmas before I am now!  300+ skaters hit the streets of London for a street skate and every one of them is dressed as Santa!  I’m sure the London, Camberley and any other skaters will post pics up soon however two videos have already appeared on YouTube taken by passers by!  I shouldn’t be surprised, as I must be on at least 100 strangers cameras and phones.  Everyone was taking our pictures!

Halloween is a wonderful time

Definitely one of the most fun of the Pagan festivals and a great excuse to get dressed up!

I had three fancy dress Halloween parties this year over two days and all of them skating.  Two roller disco’s at Camberley Arena and a Halloween street skate in London.  I had been subtly growing the stubble/beard for the last three weeks and had decided to shock everyone by shaving my head and cutting a goatee!  I think it worked 🙂

Yes I know I look like an idiot but you have to give me an A for effort! 🙂

(Photo by magichow)