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Shave me for Pudsey


Some of you know that I have been getting a bit beardy over the last few months so it’s time to tidy myself up.  But before I do that it’s time to make a mess of my head for charity first.

I thought about doing Movember again but the rules state that you have to shave on the first of the month which seemed a shame to shave it all off just to grow it again.  So, I figure I’ll charge people money to attack my hair in whatever way they want.  I have been attacked with a razor before and I usually end up looking very strange although my hair has never been this long to begin with.

As I don’t work in an office any more I thought I would take over Thames Valley Social Media Cafe at the Alto Lounge on the 18th Nov 2010 and as this is a day before Children In Need it’s only right to support Pudsey, a great cause.  If you can’t make it then I’m sure there will be lots of pictures after the event.

The rules (not set in stone)

  • A donation allows you to attack my beard.
  • The size of the donation is proportional to how long you get with the clippers.
  • If you can’t be there then someone else will do it on your behalf.
  • If over £100 is raised then the hair on my head is on offer!
  • No shaving of eyebrows (sorry).
  • I will keep the final look for the rest of the day.
  • I do have a business meeting on Monday though!
  • Feel free to bring hair colours or clips etc
  • If anyone else has any hair trimmers as I’m not sure mine will cope!

Have I missed anything?  So please sponsor me and lets raise some money for a great cause.

Update: 18 Nov 2010

It’s now done and thanks to all of you I have raised a stonking amount for Children In Need. Currently £222.61 with a couple more donations promised.  Thank you all.  I’ll leave you will a little video and some pictures from today 🙂

dogsbodyorg-childreninneed 1