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Silicon valleys, Germanium hills…

Some things stay with you forever and I would like to think that the following little poem helped shape me.  You see, the first computer I ever played with was the family Archimedes 310 and way before I had ever even heard the term “hacking” I was poking around in some of the library files trying to see how things worked.  One of the first library files I looked at contained the following poem stuck in the middle of the code!  I still don’t know who wrote it so I’m going to credit the author of the library.  Surprisingly I can’t find this poem anywhere on the internet!

Silicon valleys,
Germanium hills,
Digital journeys,
And virtual thrills.

Greetings, O hacker,
Feeling unwell?
Microchip tracker,
Welcome to hell.

Jon Ribbens – DoggySoft