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Halloween is a wonderful time

Definitely one of the most fun of the Pagan festivals and a great excuse to get dressed up!

I had three fancy dress Halloween parties this year over two days and all of them skating.  Two roller disco’s at Camberley Arena and a Halloween street skate in London.  I had been subtly growing the stubble/beard for the last three weeks and had decided to shock everyone by shaving my head and cutting a goatee!  I think it worked 🙂

Yes I know I look like an idiot but you have to give me an A for effort! 🙂

(Photo by magichow)

Grand total from Goodwood Roller Marathon

All the sponsorship money is finally in from the Goodwood Roller Marathon. It’s been a long hard job but I was so extatic when I calculated all the money we had in our account that was for the charity (bucket shakes, donations, etc.) and it worked out to the penny! I am pleased to announce that Goodwood Roller Marathon has raised £2141.48 for The NCYPE. Even better, the charity should be able to claim GiftAid on every penny which brings the grand total up to £2741.09 from the event! I could almost kid myself that I’m looking forward to organising next years!