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Beware of vouchers that expire

I just wanted to warn people that if you got any vouchers for Christmas to be very careful about checking the date when they expire. I was shocked to find that vouchers I was given for my birthday expired less than four months later with no chance of a refund. Lost money and not just lost but they have the money for providing nothing!

Perhaps it is my fault for not reading the small print. I don’t get narked by many things but this has really gotten to me and the service was appalling. So much so that I have set a website to try and warn others (and make me feel a bit better). You never know, it may do something!

I have no problem with vouchers expiring, companies have to do this, prices of the experiences they sell will go up etc. however having a voucher that expired in less than four months with no other option is ludicrous in my opinion!

Update: The website worked!  A very irate company got in touch and offered me a refund!  I have now removed the link to the site that was in this post.