Things to do before I’m *cough* 30

Having originally written this in my 20’s I’m now updating this for the later years in my life.  Strange how I actually feel younger now than I have in a long time.

Well I’m now in my 2030’s and half way though a mid youth crisis, I have a house and a car and a job with responsibilities and can no longer do the fun things that I used to (like I did anything before anyway!!). So, I have decided to make ‘the list’, a list of things to do before I’m 3040, I need your help here, I need suggestions, send them to me and I will see what I can do.

The List
Idea Date
Parachuting Done: 23-24 Sep 2003
Learn to ski & go skiing on real snow Done
Go on a proper ghost watch Not planned yet
Dye my hair blue Not planned yet
Go to New York for New Years Not planned yet
Suggested by people visiting this page!!
Idea Date
Abseil from a tall building Not planned yet
Have a threesome!! Not planned yet (strangely)
Drive across America Not planned yet
Visit each of the continents Not planned yet
Scuba dive Maybe soon!
Learn to sign language Not planned yet
Walk on the great wall of China Not planned yet
Experience a weekend at the Streetrod Nationals Not planned yet
Write a poem or fifty Done: 28 Feb 2004 (just the one)
Appear on TV Done: 26 May 2004
Go to Brazil and eat a fruit pizza Not planned yet
Try not to think about Polar Bears for an entire day Done: straight away :-p
See the northern lights Not planned yet
Go and see a proper Opera Not planned yet

One thought on “Things to do before I’m *cough* 30

  1. Good idea but it’s alout easier if you search it on google or something.
    Write : bucket list ideas or life wish list or something like that

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