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Black boxes in cars

I would love to know the percentage of cars in the UK that have these things!?  The scary thing to me isn’t that cars have them but that people are driving around in cars and don’t know they have them.  I may be wrong but I would imagine that it would help prevent accidents if you knew that your car could prove your driving… saying that, I can see that that may not be a selling point!

Investigators found a palm-sized tattle-tale under Michael J. Wilson’s hood in an effort to show a jury that the Arnold man should go to jail for the crash that killed his pregnant wife and another driver.

The device is called an event data recorder, or EDR. Some call it a “black box” because its function is similar to that of an aircraft’s flight data recorder. An estimated 64 percent of all model year 2005 vehicles driven in North America have one, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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